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Video Game Hunting in Tampa (Thift Store Edition)

This is the second part of the Tampa area, I went to a couple thift stores.

Thank you for all the support!

Art by Josh Otero

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  1. Kyle Kaminski

    Oregon trail was one of the first pc games i ever played besides rayman and sims. Lot of good titles lose but to bad people didnt take better care of them. Hope you had a good time in tampa.

  2. Die Hard Gamer Bros.

    I see the Back to the Future trilogy on VHS! How was the Bible Game?? Never heard of it. When I venture through thrift stores, I always see a lot of sports games, never anything good.

  3. David retro games played badly.

    Love looking around for game's, you never know what your gonna find hidden at the back of the shelf.

  4. Green Lantern HG

    If you would’ve found Battlestar Galactica for the PS2 I would’ve flip my lit 😮…haven’t found that game 😕
    Hey! Drop Dead Fred 😃…I haven’t seen that movie in a long time! I used to do that pretend I pick my nose and wipe on my sister 🤣…but then my Mom caught me and made me do the laundry 😓

  5. ninjacape

    Saturday Morning was a CD of classic cartoon themes covered by 90s alternative rockers. Really cool for it’s time.

  6. Do You Nerd?

    Not too bad! Shame on the bad condition on some of those loose ones…
    But it looks like your thrift stores have a pretty fair stock of games. 🙂

  7. Lawrence Dagstine

    The thrift shops in NYC have nothing, no NES, no SNES, no PS1. And when they do have something, they look it up on Ebay. I find Ebay prices, from certain retailers, to be cheaper. It's not the same as years ago, before the retro boom.


    Wow Tampa is where im from i wish i was there i can show you other great places to get retro games. but great video and pick ups

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