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Video Game Hunting in Tampa/St. Petersburg (Retro Game Stores)

In this episode, I show you the Retro Video Game Stores I went to.

Thank you for all the support!

Art by Josh Otero

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21 Responses

  1. James Campbell

    I like the 1st video game store. I have an Atari Lynx it is so hard to get games for it. I only have 3 Lynx games 2 of them I had to order on Ebay.

  2. Game Bois

    Those NES slipcovers are always a treat to find! You can’t ever have too many of them! Great pick ups Linda and every great video! Excited to see more now!

  3. Game Bois

    Oooh! Video game hunting! Instant Sub! Best thing to do to fill the void when not hunting is watching others hunt lol. Strapped down and ready for some great games Linda! 😎

  4. Green Lantern HG

    I’ve seen very few stores stocked like that 😮 sadly no where near me 😢
    Thanks for sharing Linda 👍🏽✌🏽

  5. Game Czar

    I think the 2nd store was my favorite, they seemed to be the only one that had a GOOD selection of Atari/Intellivision/ColecoVision stuff. What can I say, I'm an old fart!

  6. Do You Nerd?

    R.U. Game? Had some really nice stuff–looked to be an impressive variety–how would you say the prices were?
    M&M is incredible–look at all the Atari stuff! And CD-i with games!?
    I like the gaming setup at Nerd Culture. Wow–pretty jealous of all the gaming stores you have around you!

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