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Trouble Shooter Vintage – Intro, Stages 1 & 2

Hard mode
1-way aiming
No special weapon
1-credit clear

Originally known as “Battle Mania Daiginjou,” the Japan-only sequel to Battle Mania / Trouble Shooter on the Sega Genesis, translated by MIJET. Didn’t see a full play of this one on Youtube already, so I thought “eh, why the hell not?” It’s a pretty fun game. A little on the easy side (I finish every stage with more lives than I started with, even with frequent mistakes), but I enjoy the occasional lighthearted shooter and this one’s pretty funny.

You have the option for 8-way aiming if you want it, but I stuck with 1-way because I’m a default config kinda guy. I also never used the special attack.

Nguồn: https://moitruongxanhcomposite.com/

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