SB Plays Nowhere Prophet 01 – Learning The Pace


That looked like it hurt.

Nowhere Prophet is a post-apocalyptic journey of convoys and cards. Travel through a colorful wasteland getting shot, helping people, getting shot, battling berserk machines, getting shot, and desperately trying to keep hope alive for the people foolish enough to follow you.
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  1. Yassss King yasssss!
    On a more serious note, watched Bear play this game a while back and loved it, hope you enjoy this beautiful game

  2. OMG Nowhere Prophet! Very excited to see your long-form approach to this game, most folks I've seen have only done short first looks.

  3. I like this, looks like a promising FTL-StS thing.

    Those are some pretty obvious kickstarter/patreon backer-faced cards, but I suppose they still sorta fit the style regardless.


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