[Sadistic/Grand Order]: How to Bend Literally Everything


She tells you that her favorite movie genre is horror, but what she doesn’t tell you is that her favorite game is Twister, and that her favorite American snack is Twix.

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Music Used:

Cosmodelic – ESQUARIA

Speed of Light – 明日方舟 × DJ Okawari × 二宮愛 (Arknights)

In The Rain – FELT

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  1. Make sure to check out the How To on the 4-Star Assassin Shiki, which should have uploaded at the same time as this video. Four Star Servants are now eligible for How To videos in the future. Thanks for watching, and I hope everyone got both Shiki & Fujino from the rerun.

  2. Jokes on you, I started playing FGO again about a month ago, so I completely missed my chance at welfare Shiki and Fujino. Wait no, the joke is still on me. Fuck.

  3. Didnt realize that Fujino hasnt come back yet. I feel double guilty for making a summoning circle with my friends and being the only one that got her.

  4. Part of me feels like DW will make a banner down the line that has all the limited 4* like Fujino, the Summer ones, and the 4* they added to the Prisma Codes re run and any other new limited 4* they make in the future.

  5. In my experience, Florence Nightingale is the perfect support to go with her since her NP Debuff Cleanses and heals. Plus the Buster Buff~

    A personal nurse for the sick girl

    Sad you never mentioned her D:

  6. I got NP6 trying to get one Saber Shiki. Oh well. Next time Void Shiki. NP5 Fujino is nice. Ain’t burning the extra one.

  7. I got her at NP5 and 10 10 10
    But if you take 2000 damage, there's no demerit.
    I used Holy Night Summer and am buffing her attack to the maximum

  8. DW should just include her in the next Strengthening or Interlude campaign and than get her another rate up banner. Preferably an NP interlude.

  9. Got her to NP3, which I'm pretty happy about. Still hoping DW gives her at least an interlude at some point. Even her own trial quest had no story.

  10. im just happy i pulled 3 fuji so im good, she fills a hole in my team that i have with only archer of inferno and chloe as single target and gold ranked, now i have her and i got lucky enough to get 3 of her so her damage and np gauge are about as good as i will need them. all in all good pulls and i even ended up getting a saber shiki so all in all this was a good event for me

  11. The KnK Re-Rerun might come back as a Main Interlude instead, and maybe they'll have the excuse to give another KnK banner


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