Retro Game Shopping at R.U. Game in Tampa! Starting a game collection???


Hey guys! I took another trip to R.U. Game in Tampa, Florida and picked up a few more things. In this video I cover the entire store and what they have to offer for old gamers and new. They really do have a huge selection of games and they are all priced well. If you’re in the area make sure you stop by!

R.U. Game?
Gainesville, FL
5186 Southwest 34th Street Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 337-0063

Tampa, FL
2708 East Fowler Avenue Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 975-8028

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  1. I think I must 3D Print one of those Genesis boxes, I so miss the sound of popping them open! I already have a mini cart for the Sega Mini when I can afford it! 😁

  2. All the gaming/collector channels I watch already have collections. It is so cool to watch someone who obviously loves retro games actually start from scratch and build it from very little. I love my mini consoles, but the original hardware and software is where my heart is. Can’t wait to see you add to your collection! Happy hunting!

  3. For the Genesis, be sure to check out Vectorman and Comix Zone too. Those were also some favorites that came along near the end of the Genesis era.

  4. Cool pickups Pat! This is the start of expanding the content of the channel too, this will be rad.
    Talking about clone systems I really want the new Analogue Pocket, but for now I can't afford it.

    Is epic you find a complete copy of the game where the intro song of the channel comes from.

    I like the store, it has a nice selection.

    Thanks to let us hang out with you. Also for someone that lives so far (Argentina 🇦🇷) is cool to see things on other places, like Coca Cola Orange Vanilla? Here the brands are really conservative with the flavors, because they feel based on focus groups the taste of the public is really standard, just cola, lemon like Sprite or 7 up, orange Fanta or Mirinda and some grapefruit, but not actually Grape like Grape Fanta Dx, really boring.

    Take care Pat! This are difficult times.

  5. Nice pickups, I didn't know that your intro music is from Time Lord. Please be careful and don't go out if you don't have to.

  6. I'm surprised you don't own a xbox 360. It was a way better system than the orginal xbox. I haven't upgraded my system to the xbox one. But eventually I will buy one! Never will buy the Sony Playstation. I'm an xbox guy. Play Dark Souls, I heard you mentioned in this video you had the games! Play them! There awesome! Thanx for the video!

  7. Great video. I really miss video game hunting these days. But I really appreciate how your collecting stuff you like and not hype.

  8. Awesome video I didn't know you used music from Time Lord, I tried that game and it's bizarre and yes a difficult game.

    I think a Retron 5 would be a good purchase for you. But I look forward to seeing whatever you decide.

  9. Shadow of the Beast was an awesome game, if you ever get round to getting a PS4 grab the remake on it, more modern take on it but brilliant all the same

  10. Watching now, thanks again for all of the shout outs man I really appreciate it. I cant believe you drove over a 100 miles just for us.


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