Meskimen Caption This Cartoon Game #16


It’s the latest cartoon game from master impressionist and cartoonist Jim Meskimen!
Jim designed the secondary characters for the original Thundercats series, and has worked as a professional illustrator and cartoonist for many years, when not doing voices and other acting roles in TV and film.
Watch Jim draw the cartoon, and then see what caption springs to mind!
Submit captions as comments, as many as you like, and the funniest, wittiest, cleverest and most original will be chosen, and the winner will receive a swell prize picked out just for them, AND a certificate with the cartoon and their name and caption on it!
Too incredible to be true? Yes, but true nonetheless.

Original artwork ©2018 by Jim Meskimen

Deadline for submissions: Midnight, Saturday July 21, 2018.

Enter as often as you like, all captions become property of Meskimen Applied Silliness, Inc.
Winners can win as many times as their captions are hilarious.

Watch Jim’s hilarious TV series IMPRESS ME on Amazon Prime!

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  1. I can't believe we just ran up five flights of narrow stone steps to deal with "someone standing topless on the wall" for this.

  2. When Chuck Norris stands on your castle's ramparts in boxers and a shower cap you send two emissaries to ask what he wants for lunch and see how he likes his new castle.

  3. You couldn't handle the 4th of July being mid-week this year could you? (color in to look like wearing American Flag boxers)

  4. 1) I wouldn't send a dog out on a knight like this!
    2) We all need vitamin D…get yer trousers on soldier!
    3) What do you mean…I can see your house from here?
    4) We gotta surrender, cap'in's orders and we don't bloody well got a white flag, see?
    5) This is what I get for vouching for me bruver-in-law!

  5. Here's the deal, Henry. If you turn around and show your arse to the queen when she rides by, I'll give you fifty quid.

  6. “This is what happens when you get drunk on duty and yell, ‘Virgin Queen, my ass!’ during a Royal procession.”

  7. I’m the bloody GUARD — NOT a Lifeguard! Ye swim in that moat at yer own peril! ( also: no diving permitted, and there’s a 15 minute rest break at high noon)


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