Martin Freeman at Hobbit premiere: Hilarious interview covers Benedict Cumberbatch's drinking


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Martin Freeman has revealed what he found most difficult about filming the Hobbit movies. At the European premiere of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, the actor who plays Bilbo Baggins, was asked what the biggest challenge he had to overcome was, and he joked: “Overcoming my lack of any talent, I had to overcome that.” He also paid tribute to the man in charge of The Hobbit franchise Peter Jackson, saying: “Pete carries [the film] it. He has the shoulders of a titan, and I do my best. We all do our best.” The movie hits cinemas in the UK on Decemer 13. Report by Mark Morris.

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  1. Oml i kinda really wanna see how benedict acts when he's drunk, ed sheeran said that he's still a gentleman when he's drunk but i just wanna SEE……… i the only one? Yes? Mk i'm weird

  2. Love Martin Freeman. He's like this in every interview which means it's genuine. That's my kind of humour. He'd be awesome to go for a pint with.

  3. I just love how on 1:17 he calls Benedict Cumberbatch -Ben. It's just that I have never heard anybody calling Benedict – Ben XXD


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