How to Play the Golden Girls Drinking Game


Picture it : a new twist on the classic sitcom

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Grab a couple of friends, a couple of drinks, and your favorite episode of the classic 80s sitcom The Golden Girls and play The Golden Girls Drinking Game. We’ll explain the rules. You provide the cheesecake.


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  1. I feel so alone! my friends rather kill me before they play this with me… maybe 'couse i'm in Colombia and i'm 20! 🙁 #NeedMoreFriends

  2. OMG I would love to play it. 
    I only know one other person who have watched this show and she hates drinking

  3. Shouldn't there be a drink required to be consumed by all players when there's a joke made on Ronald Reagan as there were plenty of those throughout Golden Girls. Best Buds Maude and Jessica Fletcher were and still are dedicated  Democrats.

  4. It sort of disturbs me that I found and got addicted to this show when I was only 10… 
    Thankfully I didn't understand the more "adult" jokes?

  5. I'm so unbelievably happy to see this. I love them. I mean I LOVE THIS SHOW! Idk, like a drug. Get laughed at all the time when I'd rather stay home and watch them then go drinking. HAHAHA. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  6. The only bad thing about the cheesecake rule is that if Dorthy is your person you'll never finish the drink because Bea Arthur hated cheesecake and faked eating it on camera.

  7. When I'm old enough I want to play this game! Although I'm not sure any other 17 year old like me watches the golden girls..

  8. I play quite the same game alone watching Alf. I drink everything there is a record laugh and I finish my glass when Alf want to eat the cat.

    I always win!

  9. Try this but be 2 people at once ! My friends played it and they got sooooo drunk ( they drank whiskey ) so I wouldn't blame them!:)


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