How to play MASH!


Watch and see what India’s future will be, what job she’ll have, what car, where she will live, how many babies, what pet and who she will marry 🤔😂

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  1. Interesting game😀 and a horse 🐎 instructor job sounds adventurous 🌸🍀💕 bunny as a pet woooow so cute🌝

  2. "im gonna need a bus with all those babies" 😂😂 i loved playing MASH in school! it was so fun! who knows if im living how my last MASH turned out! 😂 nice video! India you have a great future ahead! big like from us!

  3. I forgot this game existed! Horse instructor sounds like an awesome job!! 🐴🚌🐰🏡So fun!! Great video!! 😃🔔❤️👍

  4. This is such an amazing game. You guys obviously had so much fun playing this game. I have never played this. Now I so wanna play this and see what it says about me…LOL..Looking forward to more 🙂

  5. 💜❤♥️Mash is really a fun game. You did a fantastic job dear. Love love love♥️❤💜♥️💜❤♥️❤♥️

  6. Aww you are so cute adorable and pretty my friend.👼⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💜❤♥️💜❤♥️❤❤♥️❤♥️ Thank you so much for sharing your fun and wonderful video. We absolutely really enjoyed watching it. Looking forward to your next amazing video dear ❤♥️♥️❤💜♥️♥️


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