GORN – Defeating The Golden Gorn Champion! – Let's Play GORN Gameplay – HTC Vive VR Game


Welcome to GORN! GORN is a gladiator brawler game where you take the roll of a ancient gladiator in an arena. You fight against waves of enemies to fight for your life!
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GORN Gameplay Overview:

This is a very early prototype of my physics based VR gladiator brawler, working title GORN. You take the role of a peasant in a fight for his life against waves of armed gladiators!

This game is still a working title in early developement. there will be a lot of goofy bugs and stuff that are part of development and don’t represent the final game.

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  1. Youtube thinks it's too aggressive but real suicide and throwing livig cat to feed lions is completely fine.

    YouTube_Logics.exe has stopped working.

  2. Seriously??? Have a many chances to use giant hammer but eveytime you didn't pick giant hammer up your get knockout in “Only One Hit ” everytime (Also it aren't fun aren't it to use giant hammer Homerun another gradietor)

  3. I went to a friends place and played a bit of this and I got a sword and accidentally their the sword and killed a boss by hitting him in head

  4. Not dark enough. You need to make them scream by ripping out their lungs & Shoving them up backwards. & Then rip out their throats so they feel the endless sorrow of pain. & Then Use a sword, & SLICE THEM IN HALF SO THEY CAN BE SLICED UP IN PIECES AND THEN EAT THEM RAW.


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