Fire The Cannons! | The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gameday Experience


I took the chartered bus from Orlando to Tampa Bay FL to catch the Buccaneers take on the Carolina Panthers. My brother was in town with the Panthers away game touring group, so my seat was in the “visitor” section of the stadium and I was the lone Bucs fan among more than 150 Panthers fans in our section. The Bucs made it out with a win and I made it out alive. This is my Buccaneers gameday experience.
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  1. Hello we have tampa bay viper tix are the stadium seats small . And is there leg room there thanks so much for ur input

  2. What a wonderful video of your game day experience! AND I gotta say – thanks for all the quick clips of me on this (I'm the pirate in the stripe skirt lol) Next time you're at a game – come find me! Ayla "Buccaneer" Blu – ask for me at the ship – I'll have a "thank you" piece of plunder for ye matie!

  3. Nice to see something different. Thanks, do you follow hockey? I want to , but hard to keep up and follow here in the UK

  4. No matter what fan you are you gotta give it to Tampa they have the coolest stadium because they have a pirate ship nothing cooler than that

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  6. How are the Bucs fans towards opposing fans? I’m a Falcons fan, considering going to the Week 17 game. Obviously people ask for it when they’re obnoxious, but if I go literally just to watch like any fan, are the fans good? Thanks!

  7. Your game day experience vlogs never disappoint!! Always on point!
    Authentic,real, fun, rad, raw, American, beer drinking fun.
    No one better then The Cheat Seats

  8. As a Panthers fan it was great seeing you with the crew & getting to see the view. Tampa definitely has an amazing stadium & congrats on the win.


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