Digital Prophet: 5 Game-Changing 2014 Predictions


Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) — AOL Digital Prophet David Shing discusses the future of technology. (Source: Bloomberg)

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  1. Prediction for 2014: wearables are going to get smarter, unlike the current boring quantified self wearables that we all use today.

    It's almost 2015 and I haven't seen anyone with a wearable device yet, and hes telling me that they are old already. 

  2. "Prediction IV: Mobile devices are going to enable brands to have a better intimate relationship because you can create advocacy vs just plain awareness."
    Never in history a sentence made less sense.

  3. More pseudo intellectual garbage, buzzword bingo and new age pablum from David Shing. Digital Prophet is the most self conceited title any human being could have. The problem is that a vast majority of the sheeple out there who have no clue about the tech industry and who are desperate to appear 'with it', listen to Shing and believe he has something valuable to offer. In truth he's just another snake oil salesmen peddling nonsense. People who overuse buzzwords do so in order to hide the fact that they have nothing useful to contribute and wish to seem intellectually superior by bamboozling people. This kind of behaviour makes my stomach churn. 


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