Do not play Town of Salem the way I did. I was in the wrong. BUT OMG I CAN SEE THE FUTURE. What a freaking match.
The odds of this happening are 1 out of 9240
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What is Town of Salem?
Town of Salem is a fresh innovation on the classic party games Mafia and Werewolf. It is a game of murder, accusations, deceit and mob hysteria.

So the Derp Crew decided to head back in time to an Era that wasn’t so kind to its Citizen. Where burning witches was legal, and hurting your local jailor wasn’t really that frowned upon! We will attempt to deceive, trick, punish, and lie as we attempt to win for our faction and bring glory to our respective cause!
The Other Players

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  1. At least it's not as bad as the time he glitched out monopoly making it save to the last roll and changing his role to avoid expensive rent

  2. Chilled: im about to do what is called a pro gamer move.
    (Chilled says random name)
    Random ends up being guilty.
    Chilled: PROPHET!!!!

  3. I call this "Jester's Curse 2.0"

    I know you weren't Jester, but whenever I play as Jester, if I resort to framing people to get them rando lynched, I have 95% rate of getting an evil role xD

  4. One time when I was lo, I found 3 mafs n1 (jan, mafioso, and disg). I told the town d2 these people visited him. I got 2 of the maf to leave after the town stopped thinking i was an exe.

  5. Chilled you had the luck of the gods of luck and dead for this game, you spilled the cup you must now look for other victories in the game ahead. bows skitters away

  6. Chilled. I've had 2 games where I seemed a PROPHET.

    Game 1: Serial Killer in COVEN ALL ANY –
    D3. 4 people left. I was outted as immune by a dead vampire. I claimed they lied and I was Investigator. I claimed 15 was Sher/Exe/WW. They were questioned and they said they were EXE and I was their target. Nice try buddy :p they got lynched and was the WW. I won next day as it was a Vampire vs a Serial Killer. Killed the VH at night.
    Me as Serial Killer won. The vampire who was alive with me wasn't even salty. They were congratulating me on the best guess.

    Game 2: Arsonist in COVEN ALL ANY –
    D6. 5 people left. Protected by GA. I asked someone who was quiet for their role. They didn't answer. We lynched and they were SK. They killed my GA N3. Damn you lol.
    D7. Everyone was doused in gas at this point. There was a Mayor, Exe who won and a BG. Again, I claimed Investigator. I claimed that 1 was BG/GF/Arso/Crus. They claimed they were BG. Mayor voted them up and the Exe and I guiltied. They were BG. That night, I ignited.
    GA, Jester, Exe and me as Arsonist won. I said in the chat 'I AVENGED YOU GA O3O'

  7. Lol I was playing as mayor once and somehow rando'd lynched the entire mafia. They reported me for cheating, even though I wasn't. Lol.


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