Chuck E. Cheese's Tampa Carrolwood Store Tour


A tour of the Chuck E. Cheese’s on Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa, Florida. This tour is accompanied by music from the nostalgic September 2006 Show. As a child, I remember visiting this store around this time during a family visit to Busch Gardens, and this particular showtape brings back warm memories of me filming their once-perfect Two Stage from the old showroom balcony. Tampa opened in 1991, and once housed a Road Stage. Check out some of the retro videos from this location. Truly a sight to behold!

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  1. Legends say Chuck e Cheese use to be a place where nine year olds would have fun, eat pizza and play arcade games, until the three year olds had a great war for the Chuck e Cheese locations because the nine year olds were not letting the toddlers playing on their turf, the war lasted for weeks, months, years, until many of the toddlers and nine year olds were wiped out and injured badly, their parents told them to stop, but Chuck e Cheeses was more important then their parents. After many months of food fights, the toddlers won and the nine year olds never came back.

  2. I've never been to this particular Chuck E. Cheese location (because I don't live in Florida), but man…..this place used to be SO magical to me as a kid. I loved everything about it. I've never been back to one since I was a kid. But I always wanted to. Such nostalgia. As a kid, I was scared to death to stand up when the animatronic puppets asked "who's birthday it was" (however the question was asked). I refused to stand. LOL!

  3. Not going to lie, this is the best CEC store tour on YouTube. I love the songs you chose for this tour, and this store, even though it's a little bare, it's very unique! Too bad it's a 2.0 now though. Say, wasn't this location you worked at? Apart from that, really nice job!


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