Caption This Cartoon Game #39 Funniest Caption Wins a Prize!


CONGRATS TO TheArmChairrocker!

“Bet you wish you didn’t suggest writing our own wedding vows about now”

Submit your funny captions for the new Caption This Cartoon Game from actor/impressionist Jim Meskimen!
There’s too much seriousness and too much restriction going on! Complaining doesn’t work, and getting apathetic just makes things worse…

Cure your blues by being creative! We started this contest in 1986 so that you could do just that!

It operates a bit like a virus; I get an idea for a cartoon, it rapidly spreads to my fingers, my fingers contact the paper, the image gets transmitted to my mailing list (you) and you become contaminated by an urge to respond!

Don’t fight it or “wash your hands” of it! Get busy coming up with a few captions, submit them back to me via email, and you could win a prize picked out for you and a certificate with your name on it.

Submit as many captions as you like! (Keep it clean, though, people.)

We dare you not to feel a little bit better after coming up with some cartoon captions!

Deadline for this one is midnight, Saturday, June 27, 2020. All captions become property of Meskimen Applied Silliness, Inc.

Have fun! Share with your friends! Don’t think too much!


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  1. "What? You're getting cold feet? On the dating site you said I was everything you wanted: small-figured, easy to maintain and obedient!"
    "Yes, but next time please point out which one is you in the pictures…"


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