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Can Poland into Space – Countryballs

Poland has lost his space and trying to find it somewhere.


Thank you Craymotherlol & Dutch Mapper for a great idea


Poland searching for space

Germany:Poland what are you doing?

Poland:I’m looking for space!!

Germany: space is outside of the earth.

Poland:No it’s not!

Netherlands:I found what you were looking for.

Netherlands shows space key of a keyboard

Poland:Finally thanks!

Germany sighs
Impromptu in Blue – Kevin MacLeod
Space Adventure – The Green Orbs

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  1. Official Emoji Eye

    me, literally downloading polandball can into space on Nintendo switch e-shop and trying to finish polish mission : 🧿🩸👅🩸🧿

  2. yey deutschland

    me: gets a bachelors degree in science and becomes rocket scientist

    also me 1second later: builds spaceship for poland

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