Bend the Knee – Songify Game of Thrones!


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People thought Daenerys Targaryen’s strength was her leadership, fireproofness & dragon-taming, but it was actually her ability to start Westerosi dance crazes with her irresistible melodies. Even masters of brooding like Jon Snow can’t help but lightly thrust their pelvii when they hear her dulcet tones.

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Song production/mix with Aaron Beaumont

Edit assists by Amelia Burger


Bend the Knee
And you shall be free
bend the knee
we will leave the world better
bend the knee and do a dance with me
bend the knee
rich and poor
I’ll give you more
step forward, my lord
bend the knee (bend the knee)
bend the knee to our queen

and why would I do that?
your father burned my grandfather alive
why would I do that?
if we don’t defeat the dead, we’ll die
the dead? / there’s no time!
because I need your help and you need mine
you’re not guilty of your father’s crimes
but there’s no time / it takes no time

to bend the knee
join me
swear fealty in perpetuity
they shall all flee
we will have peace and prosperity
did you see
the Dothraki?
they hadn’t crossed the sea but they did for me
and did you see
the dragons three?
the world hadn’t seen dragons in centuries


baby, if you bend the knee
then the possibility
of being deceased
will surely be decreased
and we can be together til we’re seventy

darlin, there’s one thing we’ve got to do
that can save both me and you
i know we like the man with 6-pack abs
’cause that Jon Snow is a handsome lad
but my greatest desire
is to not be on fire

prechorus + chorus
repeat until the end of the universe


chorus – F Dm E/G# E Am D(maj)
Dm E Am D(maj) Am D(maj)

verse – Dm G A C
Dm G A C E

prechorus – Dm E/G# Am A/C#
Dm E/G# Am A/C#

bridge – Am E F C
Dm Am G C E
Am E F C
Dm Am G C E


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  2. I know that this has been out for a while now, but I just had to say that I love the fact that the Gregory's can spot the poetry in the writing and think "This would make a great Songify clip!" We all end up with great stuff to watch and listen to. Well done guys!

  3. 1:44 I like how theres like one frame it says seventy, one frame it says seventeen, and back to seventy, just look


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