ASMR | Whispered Reading | Chp 1 The Hobbit | J. R. R. Tolkien | 'An Unexpected Party'


Hi, Kate here doing a whispered reading of J. R. R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’, chapter one with a British accent. ‘An Unexpected Party’ – Enjoy! ALL CHAPTERS NOW AVAILABLE, SEE BELOW.

Chapter Two ‘Roast Mutton’ :
Chapter Three ‘A Short Rest’
Chapter Four ‘Over Hill & Under Hill’
Chapter Five: ‘Riddles in the Dark’
Chapter Six: ‘Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire’
Chapter Seven: ‘Queer Lodgings’
Chapter Eight: ‘Flies & Spiders’
Chapter Nine: ‘Barrels Out of Bond’
Chapter Ten: ‘A Warm Welcome’
Chapter Eleven: ‘On the Doorstep’
Chapter Twelve: ‘Inside Information’
Chapters Thirteen: ‘Not at Home’
Chapter Fourteen: ‘Fire and Water’
Chapter Fifteen: ‘The Gathering of the Clouds’
Chapter Sixteen: ‘A Thief in the Night’
Chapter Seventeen: ‘The Cloud Burst’
Final Chapters Eighteen & Nineteen: ‘The Return Journey’ & ‘The Last Stage’

Hobbit Chapters Playlist:

NOW OUT!! Whispered Reading Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring Playlist – Recorded Chapters:

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  1. I just discovered this series, and I think it is the best thing to happen to me in all of 2020. One of my favorite stories, presented in such soothing, hypnotic way that I am guaranteed to relax despite all of the pain and stress of modern life. Thank you so much for this beautiful production, what a wonderful gift to the world.

  2. Something random. I did a job in Wheatfield Illinois at a Museum. There was an archive room that had tolkien's manuscripts we had to do some work. So this curator lady escorted us around. Toward the end since I'm a nerd I asked her and she was more than enthusiastic to show me old original documents that he wrote. Didn't really have time to read anything or nothing but it was really interesting. Sketches of maps and all kinds of different things. I don't understand why they don't display more of that stuff in the museum. They just keep it locked away and protected and a super secure room.

  3. I love having bedtime stories but now since I’m too old to have someone to read one for me this video really helped , since I could sleep,easier!❤️

  4. This is how I unconsciously discovered ASMR, when in the 6th grade a kid next to me would whisper read his book in class.

  5. You are so amazing. Thank you for this. You’re exactly what I was looking for! So happy I found your wonderful channel!

  6. I’m only at the beginning of this vid and felt my entire body relax hearing your voice. Plus! My number one obstacle for sleeping is that I always want to put it off and do something more ‘productive’. Now I can tell myself I’m reading a novel and finally get 8 hours. Thank you!

  7. Asmr and the hobbit!? My two comforts in the world mushed together! How am I just finding this!? I could cry with joy I know this is old but thank you for taking the time to Make these videos.. my heart is full tonight ❤️


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