16 Sports that Should Be in the Olympics


I have definitely enjoyed this year’s Olympic Games…when I’ve been able to watch them. But if we can have dressage and race walking, I think there are a number of games that would be inexpensive and simple to include that would increase interest and appeal both in younger Americans, and also among people all across the world.

This video is like 10% tongue in cheek, but for the most part, I actually stand by these suggestions. Maybe not in 2020, maybe not in 2024, but someday.

My a capella Hobbit Drinking Songs video with Peter Hollens is here:

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Video Sources and information:
Sepak Takraw:


Mounted Archery:

Ultra-Running: Ethan Newberry’s documentary “Wonderland”:




Kabaddi Highlights:

Kabaddi Rules:

Kite Fighting Chirag Pandya, Montreal:


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  1. Totally agree about Cricket.
    It may be a sport incredibly uncommon and sometimes people don’t even know it in Europe,Africa and US (except for UK) ,but somehow it is the second most common sport,I assume it is thanks to Indians also because it is a big population.
    Also thank you for Cheer! I follow cheer but I have never thought about it at Olympics. It would be a good thing for some girls and boys in certain countries that don’t have a near cheer team or that have it but it’s not at the same level of Americans teams. It used to be the sport I wanted to practice when I was a child,then I found Majorettes and twirling and was even happier.

    I think that these and a few other sports,will bring on more audience to Olympics.
    I did these two sports in past and both aren’t at Olympics,the other 2 are the ones I didn’t do:
    •Artistic roller skating.
    (•Artistic In-line skating).
    (•In-line speed skating).

    These 4 totally deserve to be part of the Olympics and indeed people have been trying to fit those in during the past few years. They are also not so “unpopular”,maybe Twirling is the most unpopular because many people didn’t know it but knew Majorettes. I also read that it isn’t there because it is not much common in many countries.

  2. Cricket was once played in the Olympics in the 1910 games I guess..but woman's T20 Cricket will soon be in the Common Wealth Games and there are good chances of 🏏 soon being inducted into the 2028 Olympics.

  3. How… How they decide which is an Olympic Sport and which one is not? ($$$?) Consider, they have included skateboarding but they have never considered Inline Skating !? Are these decisions mainly based in which countries have more options to be in the medals? For the first one is USA, ($$$$$) for the second one is… Colombia, ($)…… I think we have the answer right there!!

  4. I think baton twirling should be in the olympics as it is classed as a sport, I am in bbtsa (British Baton Twirling SPORTS Association)

  5. What about dance and step,Video Games,Cheerleading group individual,Chess, Dog Frisby,Auto Racing, American Football,Qudditch, laser Tag,

  6. There should be a separate olympics for esports like summer Olympics and winter Olympics and it should be called e-olympics


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